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Keeping Children Safe During the Summer
Dr. Cameo Carter shares a practice with Dr. Erika McClure at Garden Pediatrics in Redlands. Carter answers questions about children and summer/hot weather activities in this week's Focus on 5....   Read the full story
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Healthy San Bernardino County is a one stop source of non-biased data and information about community health in the County, and healthy communities in general. It is intended to help planners, policy makers, and community members learn about issues and identify improvements.

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Community Survey
What is the most important thing needed for a healthy San Bernardino County?
Excellent Race Relations
Good Jobs and Healthy Economy
Low Crime / Safe Neighborhoods
Good Schools
Access to Health Care
Affordable Housing
Strong Family Life
Healthy Behaviors and Lifestyles
Low Adult Death and Disease Rates
Low Infant Deaths
Religious or Spiritual Values
Quality Child Care